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Day 1 March 20th 2023

Faris Khalifeh

Quiet Leadership Coach

Playing to Your Strengths: How Introverts Succeed in Business

Learn the unique strengths and abilities that introverts can bring to the business world. Explore strategies that introverts can use to succeed in networking and business. Discover practical tips to help introverts to leverage their strengths and achieve success.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 2 pm GMT

Meredith Arthur

Author of "get out of my head: Inspiration for Overthinkers"

Inspiration for Overthinkers Everywhere

Learn the common challenges faced by overthinkers and how to overcome. Discover techniques to help overthinkers shift their perspective and find inspiration in their thought processes.

Available from: 11 am EDT | 8 am PDt | 3 pm GMT

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money Mindset Coach & Bestselling Author

Introverted & Unstoppable: Money mindset, Boundary setting, and Calm Visibility

Denise shares advice on developing a strong money mindset, setting healthy boundaries, and cultivating calm visibility. She also reveals how she has created a powerful personal brand without sacrificing her introverted nature.

Available from: 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDt | 4 pm gmt

Oladimeji Ajegbile

Entrepreneur, Influencer & Productivity Specialist

Embracing the Journey & Your Introversion

Oladimeji Ajegbile, a successful entrepreneur and introvert, shares his journey as an introverted entrepreneur and how he overcame the challenges he faced along the way. 

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 5 pm gmt

Day 2 March 21st 2023

Jane Kisnica

Freelance Graphic Designer

How Brand Design Helps Introverts Share Their Message

Jane share tips and strategies for creating a strong and impactful brand identity that is aligned with your introverted personality, and helps you communicate your message more effectively.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 2 pm GMT

Amanda C. Watts

Bestselling Author, Speaker and Business Strategist

How Your Introvert Type Informs Your Marketing Strategy

Discover your introvert type and unlock marketing success. The four types are social, thinking, anxious, and restrained. Learn why knowing yours can improve your strategy and messaging!

Available from: 11 am EDT | 8 am PDt | 3 pm gmt


Jen Corcoran

LinkedIn Consultant and Trainer

LinkedIn for Introverts: How to Grow Your Audience & Influence

Learn tips and tricks to help you comfortably showcase your expertise, grow your network and make meaningful connections on LinkedIn.

Available from: 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDt | 4 pm gmt

Mai-kee Tsang

The Sustainable Visibility® Mentor & Podcast Guesting Strategy Trainer

Guest on More Aligned Podcasts by Sending Fewer Pitches

Learn the benefits of being a podcast guest and why it’s an ideal visibility strategy for introverts. Discover the Pitch with Purpose framework and the mindset strategy that will help you get out of your own way.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 5 pm GMT


Anita Popat

Trainer & Coach

Why Instagram is an Introvert's Paradise

Learn how introverts can leverage Instagram’s visual platform to showcase their strengths and build meaningful connections with their audience. Anita shares tips on using Instagram for authentic self-promotion and how to do so while balancing your energy.

Available from: 2 pm EDT | 11 am PDt | 6 pm GMT

Day 3 March 22nd 2023

Trisha Lewis

Communication Coach

Authentically authentic communication

Learn what authentically authentic communication looks like. Trisha shares insights on how to overcome the barriers to authentic communication and offers strategies to improve our communication skills.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 2 pm GMT

John Bates

Author, Leadership Communications Coach and Speaker

The Hidden Secrets of Being TED-Worthy

Learn how biology can impact the way you communicate and connect. John shares secrets to help you engage with your audience on stage, or in one to one communication.

Available from: 11 am EDT | 8 am PDt | 3 pm GMT

Melitta Campbell

The Value Whisperer: Award-Winning Business + Mindset Coach

How to Communicate Your True Value While Networking

Learn how to lead with value to effectively communicate what you do while networking. Melitta shares tips for identifying and articulating a unique value, avoiding common pitfalls, and sell without selling. 

Available from: 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDt | 4 pm GMT

Sylvain Hache aka Sly

Public Speaking Coach

Public Speaking Confidence, Charisma & Presence for Introverts

We dive deep into the challenges introverts face when it comes to public speaking, and how Sly’s unique approach can help introverted individuals cultivate confidence, charisma, and presence on stage and on-video.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 5 pm GMT

Day 4 March 23rd 2022

Eden Fried

Digital Product Launch Coach

Digital Product Creation for Introverts: Relax, Create, Earn

Eden shares the benefits of digital product creation for introverts, and tips for self-promotion and marketing in alignment with your energy. 

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 2 pm GMT

Cheryl Parks

Sales coach

Selling without Selling Out: Strategies for Introverts

Learn how introverts can build sales confidence and credibility without compromising their values or authenticity. Cheryl shares tips for effective communication, relationship building, and sales strategies that align with introverts’ strengths.

Available from: 11 am EDT | 8 am PDt | 3 pm GMT

Tara Fitness

Solopreneur, Digital Marketing Agency Founder

The Dollars are in the DM's: How to get clients through your LinkedIn inbox

Learn strategies for using LinkedIn DMs to get clients. Tara shares why this is a great approach for introverts, the dos and don’ts for DM-ing, and tips for how to personalise your messages.

Available from: 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDt | 4 pm gmt

Mark Wilson

Business Owner and Sales Trainer

The Introvert's Journey to Sales Success

Discover unique challenges introvert business owners face in sales and how to overcome them. Mark shares tips for finding a balance between customer connection and introverted energy. Learn the roadmap to help you become more comfortable with sales.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDT | 5 pm GMT

Day 5 March 24th 2023

Julie Hutchinson

Business Coach & Host of The Ambition Introvert Podcast

Tools and Techniques for Achieving Peak Performance

Learn three simple techniques to shift from a state of survival to creation, increase productivity by 40%, and reduce stress and anxiety. Julie shares tips for recognizing and avoiding the mundane tasks that keep us stuck, and creating a mindset of thriving and abundance.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDT | 2 pm GMT

Fifi Mason & Matthew Pollard

Hosts of The Quietly Influential Summit & Creators of Introvertu

Introverted Efficiency: Using Technology to Streamline Your Business

We explore the ways in which introverted business owners can leverage technology to improve their productivity and streamline their operations and marketing in 2023 and beyond.

Available from: 11 am EDT | 8 am PDt | 3 pm GMT

Jane Travis

Author & Founder of Grow Your Private Practice

Introverted Action: Crafting a Quarterly Plan for Success

Jane shares practical tips and techniques for setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and overcoming obstacles. By the end of the interview, listeners will feel empowered to take action towards their goals with confidence and clarity.

Available from: 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDt | 4 pm GMT

Mariella Franker

Natural Productivity Coach for Introverted Solopreneurs

Finding Your Rhythm: Productivity for Introverts

Mariella shares tips for managing energy levels, setting boundaries, and creating a productive work environment. The interview provides practical strategies for introverts to achieve success without sacrificing their need for solitude and reflection.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 5 pm GMT

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