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Day 1 May 2nd 2022

Steve Friedman

mentor & author

How Introverts Build the Courage to Embrace Their Strengths

Introverts often feel “different” but don’t know why. Others are misdirected by cultural stereotypes. As a result, many introverts suffer from low self-esteem and unfulfilled dreams well past their mid-life. Steve shares the 5 step method to build the courage to prevail, along with 3 critical mindsets to propel confidence to succeed.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDT | 3pm BST

Brenda Knowles

Coach & Author

Changing Our Mindset on Stress & Discomfort

Our mindset affects the way we feel and even the way our bodies react to such beliefs. You’ll discover how to shape your mindset to better handle stress, and learn why we should be embracing the discomfort.

Available from: 10:45 am EDT | 7:45 am PDt | 3:45 pm BST

Dr. Sylvia Löhken

Coach, speaker & Author

The Introvert Communication Mindset

Communication works best when our strategies fit with our personality – and when we respond instead of react. You’ll learn the introvert strengths that help us deal with challenging communication situations and how your mindset is a critical component you can master.

Available from: 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDT | 4:30 pm BST

Morra Aarons-mele

Entrepreneur, Coach & Author

The Difference Between Anxiety & Introversion

What is introversion and what is anxiety? It’s important to understand the difference. Morra Aarons-Mele, author of Hiding In The Bathroom, shares her experiences of anxiety and how to spot the signs.

Available from: 12:15 am EDT | 9:15 am PDt | 5:15 pm BST

Karolien Koolhof

Author & coach

The Power of Introverted Leadership

Can an introvert be a leader? Yes, they can. Learn the challenges that introverts face in leadership and the strengths that lend themselves to working with and leading others.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 6 pm BST

Day 2 May 3rd 2022

Jenny Procter

Marketing Consultant & Podcast Host

Being the Face of Your Business

If you run a service business, you know that sometimes you need to show your face as part of your marketing activity. But it can be hard, and as introverts we can be naturally reluctant to do this. Come away from this session with some practical tips to help you reduce your fears of visibility in your business – and even find ways to enjoy showing your face!

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 3 pm BST

Chris Do

Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker

Using Social Media to Build Influence

For a private and somewhat reserved introvert, showing up on social media can seem impossibly hard. But that didn’t stop Chris Do. Chris has built up an impressive following on Instagram and Clubhouse, and he reveals what it takes for us introverts to do the same.

Available from: 10:45 am EDT | 7:45 am PDt | 3:45 pm BST


Josh Elledge

Entrepreneur, Speaker & founder of Up my Influence

Don't Hustle, Just Host

Ever considered hosting your own podcast or Facebook live show? One of the best ways to build influence is to connect with and interview speakers in your industry. But how do that without the overwhelm? Josh Elledge, host of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast reveals how. 

Available from: 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDt | 4:30 pm BST

Mike Michalowicz

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author of Profit First

Stand Out and Get Different

Most introverts hate the idea of being in the spotlight. But if we want to be successful, we need to stand out. The best way to do that? Find what makes you different. Hint – It’s you! Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, shares advice on how to Stand Out and Get Different. 

Available from: 12:15 pm EDT | 9:15 am PDt | 5:15 pm BST


Li Hayes

Business Coach & Speaker Manager

Become a Niche Speaker

Think you can’t be a speaker because you’re an introvert? Think again. Li Hayes manages many introverted speakers. She reveals why introverts make great speakers, and breaks down why it’s important to become a ‘niche speaker’.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 6 pm BST

Day 3 May 4th 2022

Jeb Blount

Sales trainer & Speaker

Increase Your Prices with Your Current Clients

Do you get an icky feeling when you think about increasing your prices? You’re not alone. But there comes a time when you will likely have to do this. Jeb Blount, founder of Sales Gravy, shares strategies from his new book to help you do just that.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 3 pm BST

Meshell R Baker

Sales Trainer, Coach & Speaker

Build Your Sales Confidence

For most, sales feels icky and uncomfortable and we often approach it with a negative frame of mind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Meshell shares her approach to sales and how becoming confident and successful with sales starts with curbing your negative inner voice.

Available from: 10:45 am EDT | 7:45 am PDt | 3:45 pm BST

Tom Poland

Marketing Mentor & Author

A Relaxing Strategy to Get More Sales

Marketing and sales is often the most exhausting part of running your own business. Especially, if you find most of the marketing and lead generation techniques a drain. Tom, shares the strategy that gets him regular clients in the most relaxing way.

Available from: 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDt | 4:30 pm BST

Jennifer Gitomer

Sales coach, author & host of breakthrough babe podcast

Why You're Getting Ghosted and How to Stop It Happening

You had a great conversation with a prospective client, you sent over a proposal and then… nothing. You follow up, but… tumbleweeds. And it happens, again and again. Sales coach Jennifer Gitomer explains why you’re getting ghosted and how to stop it happening.

Available from: 12:15 pm EDT | 9:15 am PDt | 5:15 pm BST

Bob Burg

Speaker & Author

Giving Value the Go-Giver Way

When it comes to sales, give give give. What do we mean exactly? Well Bob Burg, co-author of the Go-Giver Way shares why being a giver is the best way to build strong relationships and get more sales. We think it sounds like a perfect strategy for introverts!

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 6 pm BST

Day 4 May 5th 2022

Angela Durrant

Visibility Coach & Trainer

Raise Your Visibility & Credibility Within Your Current Network

When we start getting visible, it can be so easy to forget your current network. Learn why being visible within your current network is important, how to identify who is in your network and the best ways to increase your visibility and credibility.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 3 pm BST

Karen Wickre

Author & Former Editorial Director at Twitter

Challenging Your Approach to Networking

When we think about networking, most see it as a way to meet prospective clients and approach it all wrong. But networking can be so much more than that. Karen Wickre, author of Taking the Work Out of Networking, challenges your approach to networking.

Available from: 10:45 am EDT | 7:45 am PDt | 3:45 pm BST

Nick Shelton

Speaker & Author

Networking: How to Show Up, Make An Impact and Be Remembered

Networking isn’t easy for us introverts. Especially when interacting with people is exhausting, and many you don’t feel confident initiating conversations. Nick shares steps to help you feel more confident, look more approachable and be remembered for the right things. As well as how to nurture those relationships so your time isn’t wasted.

Available from: 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDt | 4:30 pm BST

Matt Alderton

Founder of Bx Networking

How Introverts Can Grow Their Business with Referral Marketing

There are three types of opportunities in a networking room. Who should you be trying to connect with? Matt Alderton reveals why referral marketing is the best strategy to help introverts to grow their business. 

Available from: 12:15 pm EDT | 9:15 am PDt | 5:15 pm BST


Fifi Mason & Matthew Pollard

Hosts of The Quietly Influential Summit

The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration over competition is our motto. Fifi and Matthew reveal the power of collaboration, and how connecting with and working with others in your niche can bring amazing benefits and make a bigger impact.

Available from: 1 PM EDT | 10 AM PDT | 6 PM BST

Day 5 May 6th 2022

Emma-Louise Parkes

Business Coach & Host of The Ambition Introvert Podcast

Your Nervous System is Critical to Your Business Success

Much is made of how important a solid mindset and strategy is for growing an online business, but what about a regulated nervous system? This often overlooked piece of the puzzle is the real obstacle to growth, especially for sensitive introverts. You’ll learn why your nervous system plays such a large part in your ability to change your mindset & implement strategies.

Available from: 10 am EDT | 7 am PDt | 3 pm BST

Emily Leach

Coach & Founder of The Freelance Conference

Automating Your Communications to Save Energy

Communication with clients, prospects and team members can send some of us over the edge of overwhelm. The level of communication needed is exhausting and can feel awkward and forced. But automation can help with all that! Learn the processes and tools that will allow you to keep the “you” in your message and delivery.

Available from: 10:45 am EDT | 7:45 am PDt | 3:45 pm BST

Terrance Lee

The Introvert Leader; Coach & Author

Social Media Doesn't Have To Be A Drain

Just the idea of showing up on social media can be exhausting for us introverts. But it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to avoid burnout while cultivating an authentic online presence, and be effective on social media without losing who you are.

Available from: 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDt | 4:30 pm BST

Jamie Jay

Author of Quit Repeating Yourself

Quit Repeating Yourself: Systemising to Save Time & Energy

Are you wasting time and energy repeating tasks again and again? Learn why it’s important to quit repeating yourself, how you can start systemising your business processes and start delegating the tasks you don’t need to be doing.

Available from: 12:15 pm EDT | 9:15 am PDt | 5:15 pm BST

Gabriela Casineanu

Introvert Coach & Author

How Introverts Prevent Burnout

What happens when it all gets a bit too much? Burnout. Learn how to recognise when you’re heading into burnout, how to avoid it and how to recover faster.

Available from: 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDt | 6 pm BST

Heidi Kasevich

Author & Director of Quiet Education

Manage your Energy as an Introverted Business Owner & Parent

Not only are you an introvert business owner, you’re also a parent! How to manage your time and energy effectively, so you can be productive and don’t burnout? Heidi shares the strategies that have worked for her.

Available from: 1:30 pm EDT | 10:30 am PDt | 6:30 pm BST

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