Elevate your influence, embrace your introversion.

A FREE 5-day Virtual Summit for Introvert Business owners

Helping introverted business owners to confidently and authentically build their personal brand and elevate their influence.

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Who is it for?

The Quietly Influential summit is for introverted entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, specialists, and service-providers, who recognize the value of personal branding but face challenges in executing it confidently, consistently and in line with their unique energy and personality.

Challenges they face...

mindset & courage

  • Fear of judgment
  • Fear of rejection
  • Some struggling with social anxiety
  • Many have issue with self-doubt

brand & visibility

  • Struggle to show up consistently
  • Feel uncomfortable being in the spotlight
  • Find it hard to speak up and stand out

communication & impact

  • Struggle to communicate their value
  • Unsure about their message
  • Find it difficult to share their ideas

sales & monetisation

  • Find sales awkward and draining
  • Feel like their personality makes them bad at sales
  • Don’t charge what they should
  • Don’t know how to make money from their ideas

networking & connection

  • Struggle to connect on a deeper level online and offline
  • Find networking exhausting
  • Don’t know how to start building relationships

energy & productivity

  • Find it draining to do social activities 
  • Have lots of ideas but struggle to prioritise and make progress

You're a prefect fit!

We’d be honoured to have you join the summit as speaker to share your journey and offer advice to help fellow introvert business owners grow and flourish. 

Video interviews are pre-recorded and will be 20 – 40 minutes. They will need to be recorded before February 2024. 

Speaker Perks

The Details

Summit Week: 18th – 22nd March 2024
Registration Opens: 4th March 2024
Speakers and Affiliates Promotion: 4th – 22nd May 2024
Kick Off: 18th March 2024 at 10am EST/ 2pm GMT

I'm in! What next?

Let Fifi know you’re in and she will be in touch with details to confirm your interview topic.

Past Speakers include

Mike Michalowicz

Dr Ivan Misner

Dr Ivan Misner

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Chris Do

Denise Duffield-Thomas




Nancy Ancowitz

Nancy Ancowitz

Bob Burg

Mark Scheafer

Mark Metry

Mark Metry

& many more...

Speaker Testimonials

Teresa Heath-Wareing at Atomicon 21

Tracy Guillet

“I’ve been part of about 5-6 summits and [this] has been the best one I’ve been part of. […]

There was such a variety of speakers, and the Facebook group was great. The energy was also great – meaning no big extroverted energy. I think [Fifi] did such a great job with [her] calm presence and knowing the world of introverts so well.”

You'll Get 50% Affiliate Commission

Each interview is available free for the first 24 hours. Attendees can grab the all-access pass at any time, which gives them instant access for life.

As a speaker you get 50% commission on any all-access pass sign ups.

Let’s work together to reach as many people as possible! 

We ask all speakers to send 2 emails to your subscriber lista minimum of 2 social media posts and invite 1000 connections to the LinkedIn event.

The more you share the more people we can help, plus the more commision you can make!

Hosted By

Fifi Mason & Matthew Pollard

We would love to have you be a part of this event.

Thank You

Find out more about Fifi at fifimason.com

Find out more about Matthew at matthewpollard.com

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